Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 3 In Houston

This morning was a lot of fun because we were able to head back to the JSC campus to learn about the Teaching From Space opportunities that are available. I knew there were quite a bit of programs available, but there must have been close to 20!  I am actually applying for another TSF program called ARISS to use ham radio to contact astronauts on the space station.  I will keep you posted on that opportunity!  We then did some activities from the Toys in Space program.  We get toys and test them here in gravity.  Then we make predictions about how they react in space.  The best part is that there are actually videos online that show how the toys react in zero g so students can visually see if their predictions were correct or not and why.  We did this last year at space academy, but these are activities that dont get boring!  Then we had Alissa  Keil present us information about the NASA Explorer school online program, which I highly recommend.  She then let me present a little bit about my experience with the program this year with some additional slides in her program.  I love to share best practices and what I think works with the students.  It was so much fun!!  Thanks Alissa!
    In the afternoon we had a guest speaker to talk to us how they make space suits.  It was really interesting to see the progression of the space suit and where they are heading in the future.  I've actually seen a few models in Flagstaff through the desert RATS NASA program.  It was great to learn more about them though.  Overall, another great day!

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