Monday, July 18, 2011

Flight 2

Well, we got the experiment all set up in the zero g plane for the rest of the team.  The second group consisted of Mary Lara from Flagstaff, Ronnie Thomas and Bejanae Kareem from Atlanta.  What a great group!  It was fun to see the plane take off knowing they were going to have the time of their life.  Once they returned they were all smiles!!  It was fun to hear their stories and only a couple from other teams had lost their cookies.  This was the last day so it was a little emotional to leave the hangar where we had worked for six days and had the time of our life. However, it was time to start swapping data and video footage for the students to analyze when we get back.  It was a little disappointing to see some of the video footage because we weren't getting the entire box to actually see the bubbles and how they were moving around in zero g.  Some of the angles were off or cameras got bumped or kicked from transitions from zero to hyper-g.  It was definitely a HUGE learning experience as far as learning more about the scientific method and conducting research in general.  Sharing these experiences with the students is going to be a huge deal and I hope they realize that in the end that even the best plans and the best science doesn't always work perfectly the first time.  I will be sure to post more after I work with the students to share their reactions!

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